Sunday, 1 September 2013

5 Ways of Generating Facebook Engagement

If people think they have a chance of winning something with little effort in their behalf - they often enter. I'm sure many of you have seen the advertisements on Facebook "Share this and win what you see!".
They key is to ask your followers to both like and share your content. 
  • When you Like or Share something it appears on your news feed
  • All of your friends then have access to the competition- encouraging them to enter
  • This is the key to creating Viral Content (Likes+Shares=Greater Coverage)
 photo CompetitionsHausofVerveMarketing_zpsc66a5915.png
An Example of a  Potentially Viral Competition

It's no secret that the best Facebook campaigns allow their audience to interact directly with the media. A fantastic way to do this is to make full use of all of the tools available on Facebook like:
  • Tagging
  • Poking
  • Commenting
  • Displaying Pictures
  • Liking
  • Place / Location
  • Gaming Apps
These are just some of the ways you can allow your target audience to get actively involved with your Brand. 

This generates fantastic feedback quickly - because it transforms something static - to something direct and engaging. 
An easy idea: Virtual Cludo? Using the tagging tool

Marketing campaigns which create a vivid picture definitely gain engagement. This works well for Service and Product companies; because it allows consumers to visualise what you have to offer. 

Facebook has it's own Video tool -also Facebook links well to the YouTube platform. Pictures are also easy to add into posts. 

This Windows advert works well as visual content because it brings the product to life.

Connections are essential on the Facebook platform. One of the main ways to reach your target market is through Pages and Groups. A guest post in a complementary Page or Group can be an easy way of receiving instant Likes or Shares to your campaign. 
By connecting and contacting the group / page owners you instantly have access to all their followers! 

Another fantastic way to generate instant responses - is to ask your present followers Questions such as:
  • Did you know? - Russia is the biggest Country in the world?
  • Can you fill in the blank? -________ is the biggest Country in the world.
  • Can you name this place?
  • Can you guys beat the Twitter followers with Likes?
  • What's been your favourite product this year?
People will engage with the inviting questions - because it feels direct and personal to them. Remember interaction with your followers is one of my Top 10 Social Media tips.

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