Thursday, 29 August 2013

If You Had an Infinite Marketing Budget...

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I am passionate about anything new, creative, innovative and different. If I wasn't strapped by a financial belt there wouldn't be anything stopping my extravagant Marketing ideas. 

So let's pose this -You have an infinite budget: what do you do?

I want to share one of my favourite Marketing methods of this year entirely. Someone who just got it completely right and stunned the world: Aston Martin.
This year they reached a centenary of true automotive excellence. Their marketing was solely focused on the celebration of this mammoth achievement. 

Someone, somehow came up with the most bizarre yet wonderful idea of elevating An Aston Martin Vanquish, by helicopter, through the skies of Dubai onto a 1000ft helipad of the most iconic building in the country – the Burj Al Arab hotel. -BONKERS, but so iconic and clever. 

When you watch the footage of that moment, it truly is spectacular. You cannot put monetary value on such an unprecedented event. 

If there was ever a way to blow a budget, a memorable event is certainly a clever investment. When you watch the footage anyone can engage with it. I'm no car lover myself but I found it fascinating - you'd be lying if you weren't impressed

The 'Wow' Factor
What can we learn from this? 

  • Invest in events people can engage with
  • Do something out of the ordinary
  • Make your mark on the map
  • Think BIG - there isn't any limitations

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