Thursday, 26 September 2013

Out With the Old?

In the digital era print media is becoming a bit more of a rarity. When you stack the two forms of marketing against one and other Digital media has a lot more going for it in terms of: costing, quick to change, engaging, tracking and monitoring and success. Whereas print is typically: Costly, hard to monitor, static, hard to change and thus has a lower success rate.

 When you think about it like this, is Print Marketing it really worth all that money?
The answer quite simply is – Maybe

There is almost a list of categories which are often found on billboards and posters: film advertisements, food and drink, holidays and clothing. Why? because all of these categories capture well in static motion. If your company falls into any of them, chances are you may well have a strong chance at print marketing.

So how does it work?
Let’s take McDonalds. This is an advert they used this summer, they position their billboards and ads in close proximity to their restaurants.
The picture McDonalds has created is:
  •         Cool: enforced with the ice
  •         Refreshing: picked up in the fruit
  •         Funny
  •         Simple

This is what makes the advert effective as a piece of static media, however the reason it works is based on its position and timing.
In order to get your money’s worth it is important you plan and outweigh the points below.

My top tips for considering Print Media Marketing:

1. Speak for yourself
Is the poster speaking for itself? the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words - yours has to scream. The message must be clear and obvious to people.

2. Seasonality
You would be mad to advertise hot sunny frappĂ© drinks in the middle of freezing cold winter. You need to choose the right season which is going to impact your market the most. If you sell clothes think about when people buy more (for new years parties and summer weddings). If you are a holiday company think about how attractive your hot sunny advert will look in cold winter.

3. Location is everything
Think about where your placing the advert and if it's the right place for it to do it's job.
-is it going to reach your target market?
-do you have a store near by?

Sometimes print can be more effective in this way – what do you think? Have you ever wasted a lot of money using this method of marketing?

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