Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Golden Question for a Good Marketeer

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Marketing in the midst of this ‘digital revolution’ really excites me. However it becomes instantly clear that the more traditional forms of Marketing are been flung out of the window and replaced with cheaper and more efficient methods.
This makes logical sense, does it not?

When it comes down to analysing just how good a Marketer is in their work I have one Golden Question.
Do they have LinkedIn?

So where am I going with this? Well, a good Marketer is someone who is: innovative, quick to jump into technologies and embraces the changes of the industry.
LinkedIn is the number one digital networking platform – and everyone knows that Marketing has everything to do with networking.
If someone doesn’t have it, then it is normally down to one main reason.

They are passive to change.
A Marketer needs to be a frontier of the social media revolution in order to make the most they possibly can out of online footfall, SEO and ROI. LinkedIn is the place where you can find helpful information for Marketing, along with a strong network of people to do it with.
Digital Marketing is constantly improving every single second; your working day doesn’t end at the office -because it is a constant search for the new.
The last thing anyone wants in a Marketer is a person who is passive to change.

It is a useful though point of thought when you hire someone, or even network with them.

So my golden question to you is – do you have LinkedIn?

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