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Generating Online Word of Mouth

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One of the first things I was ever taught in my Marketing Lectures at University was that Word of Mouth Marketing is the most powerful and effective forms of Marketing.
Why? Well think about it. My friend works at Boots, and she works in close connection with their beauty products. When she recommends makeup or skin care products for me -I am more likely to buy it because I trust her. If I was walking through Boots and a stranger suggested a product to me, I am less likely to buy it because I don’t trust their judgement.
So that’s how normal word of mouth works, but what do I mean by Digital Word of Mouth?

Well Online Word of mouth is generated in 3 main areas:
  •          Blogging (Blogspot, Wordpress)
  •          Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...)
  •          Vlogging – Video Blogging (YouTube, Vimeo)

If you can tap into one of the three areas above which covers your products then you can generate successful online word of mouth.

How does it work?
Let’s take the product Rimmel London -Kate Moss Lipstick.

You are a buyer, you know nothing of the product so far – and nor do any of your friends. All you know is the information on the advert (below). 

Now although Rimmel have done a wonderful job of showcasing the product, the most effective and persuasive way to sell it is through Online Hotspots.
This covers: Beauty Blogs, Social Media pages dedicated to Makeup Lovers and the Makeup Vloggers.
Below I have pulled out two very different YouTube video reviews on the Kate Moss Lipsticks.  

Why do they work? Well they are testing the product for you, and they are been honest. Viewers gain trust through watching normal people Online because it is relatable.
You can find the biggest blogs which are relevant to your product through sites like bloglovin’.

Earlier this year it was announced that Ford gave awayfree cars to bloggers in order to buy into this word of mouth – GENIUS.
This type of marketing is all about the product. If you have something which is fantastic then you should think about getting involved into the online word of mouth game – because what they have to say is worth a lot to their followers. 

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