Monday, 13 January 2014

A Basic Guide to Snapchat

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What is Snapchat?
Snapchat is a mobile app in which you share photos and videos of ‘right here right now’ sort of moments with friends. Snaps are quick and simple with the option to add text and drawings onto your image.

Even my Grandparents use Snapchat – it’s that easy.

10 Second Rule
You only have a maximum choice of up to 10 seconds for each snap. Quick bursts of short, snappy pictures become humorous and exciting after a few seconds. Heavy reading content? You’ll need the full 10.
You can also send videos, which are up to 10 seconds long.

Gone Forever
To view a snap, you need to place your finger on the screen. The countdown will then begin (1-10 seconds) to view the image, once this is over the picture is gone forever. When you remove your finger from the image, you will not be able to view it. This is to stop people from ‘print screening’ snapchats, because lets face it – I bet we have all sent hilarious embarrassing faces to our friends.

Print Screen Warning
When someone ‘print screens’ a snap you are alerted on your dashboard.
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Creating an Account
A normal user can find their friends VIA their Snapchat usernames or mobile number.

As an organisation it it’s important to set up a company username that people can quickly identify with - for example ‘hausofverve’. This is to ensure people accept your request to connect – mainly so they realise you are not spam.
It would be an idea to post this on your Social Media in order to increase the number of people who add you to their friends.
Remember you need to ensure the privacy settings are public! ‘Everyone can view my snaps’.

Additional Features
If you ‘flick’ (for lack of a better verb) the screen left and right, you have access to basic filters and information such as the temperature, time and date. This can make a simple ‘snap’ look professional quickly.

Don’t Misinterpret It
Snapchat isn’t about the finest quality pictures and videos; nobody really cares because they disappear. It’s a personal app, which is quick and easy to use.
It could be the best way to generate word of mouth!

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