Monday, 11 November 2013

Timing Social Media Posts

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Timing is a key element for all Social Media posts. But how do you know when is the right times to release your posts to your specific target audience?

Check Your Insights
Insights are a good place to start with timing. Depending on what you are promoting digitally (Website, Blog or Facebook Page...) you can look at specific times your audience has viewed your page. Facebook Blogger and Google Analytics have tools which enable you to view the times with the largest hits. The peaks in the data are obviously your main timing focus

Where is Your Target Audience?
Sometimes your main audience may not even be in the same time zone as you are. This can be a simple mistake people make when preplanning Social Media posts. Checking your Analytics will show you where your main audience lies.

In a General Sense (Twitter and Facebook)
Although I would always recommend a specialist approach to your audience you can generalise it to a few key points:
  • Tweet more Morning, Noon and Night
Twitter is a microblogging site – with a stance for quick and current bursts of thought. It’s better to post at times when people are going to check it I.E Not during work hours.
  • Facebook is all about Quality over Quantity
It is best to post one detailed and informed Facebook post which will capture your audience’s attention, than lots of little annoying posts. Facebook has a ‘top feed’ structure, which means posts that are popular will appear first in your news feed. You need to focus your social media campaign around trying to reach the top status – as opposed to bombarding readers with nonsense (which is of course highly acceptable on Twitter!).

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