Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Basic Guide to Scoop.It

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Sometimes you find Social Media tools which are just too good to keep a secret to yourself. Scoop.It is one of those insider secrets - a site which is based on a fantastic concept and it works easily and effortlessly. 

When you are creating content for Social Media, it is essential you broadcast news which will inspire and attract your audience. However the reality is of this is that it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through so many channels (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Blogs...) to find the content you want.

Scoop.It is all about making this easier and more efficient – two words every Social Media Marketeer likes to hear.

  • Scoop.It feeds you content that it thinks you’re going to like. This is based on your topics of interest and key words you enter when you sign up. For example my interest is Marketing and other topics I have told Scoop.It I want to hear about are Social Media, Digital Marketing and SEO. My Scoop.It news feed is automatically filled with so much inspiration and Marketing – Perfect!
  • When you’ve found something you like the look of you can Curate a topic to your Scoop.It.
  • When you add something to your topic you can edit the content by putting your own comments and title on the content.
  • This is a great and quick way of putting your own spin on something. 
  • Perhaps the most important tool on Scoop.It is the fact you can then share this new content to other Social Media platforms.
By taking a few seconds to browse your Scoop.It you can have cultivated enough content to fill your Social Media for weeks.

If you are a Google Chrome lover like myself you can add the Scoop.It Chrome extension to your bookmark bar. 
An example of how the Chrome Extension works
Every time you come across a blog or an article of interest you can Scoop.It easily by clicking the extension button.
In an instant Scoop.It makes it easy for you to change and edit content to re-post on your Social Media simply. This saves a lot of time entering, and re-entering Social Media sites in order to post or update your content.  
Handy InfoGraphic to Save on your Smart Phone
 To wrap it up...
I am taking this blog post from my Marketing background, but its important to explain that Scoop.It offers windows of opportunity in many other communities; there is a Scoop.It for everyone (from air guitar players to knitters). That in itself if what makes this Social Media platform one to look out for at watch. I can only see Scoop.It growing from strength to strength in the future- watch this space.

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