Thursday, 8 August 2013

What a Jolly Good Idea

"I like this one, but I also like this one"
We have all seen it on television (my personal favourite is below), it’s a phrase which has even been adopted into everyday linguistics!

Over a decade ago Aldi was strongly associated as a: small, cheap, discount supermarket which stocked own label brands – knock offs of the originals. It wasn’t anything special in comparison to the giants Tesco and Asda. Fast forwarding the clock and they have won the ‘Which?’ Supermarket of the year award for the second time in a row. 

Why is it so effective?
Take a closer look at the video, two women – perhaps a Mother and Daughter? They look like your average person. Their hair, makeup and clothing aren’t anything that you or I would consider special. Even the background of the home looks familiar to us, it is all very ordinary.
This is a technique used by advertisers which helps the viewer to engage and trust the people in the advertisement. When we watch the Women recommend what they ‘like’ it really does feel like a Word of Mouth recommendation (one of the most powerful forms of Marketing).

Aldi has bravely directly compared their products to its competitors. Aldi has even beat Harrods products in a taste test! 

People are blogging, pinning, tweeting and engaging with the brand digitally now more than ever before, I think this has a lot to do with the nature of the campaign. The advertisements are only Print and Media based and haven’t touched the digital sphere (as of yet). This leaves an open platform for shoppers to talk and share the Aldi experience. Again generating more Word of Mouth – but this time directly from it's customers -GENIUS. 

How can you use this technique?
If you have a wonderful product, brand or service there is nothing stopping you from directly comparing what you have against your competitors. 
  • I use to work in an independent gift shop, the kind which stocks products you'd want to browse all day. 
  • Our best quality was the service we offered over the main high street chains. 
  • You can either have personalised, caring and welcoming service from the shop - or choose a high street store who won't perhaps have as much time for you.
  • That was our selling point, and the reason customers enjoyed shopping with us and engaging with our service. 
  • Word of mouth is then generated about what you have to offer over everyone else - because Customers enjoyed the experience. 
  • And we all know "the customer is always right"

You need to find your best assets -which give you the oomph over everyone else and accentuate it.

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